Our Straw House


All Done!!!

It took about 4 1/2 years after we moved in, but we installed the last plumbing fixture on 6 December 2014 so we are calling the house done!
There are lots of pictures elsewhere on this site of the exterior, so this page will just show the finished living space.

Might as well start at the front door

This is the entry area/mud room. The whole house is painted on the interior with paint made by Linda. A mixture of clay, wheat paste, and (sometimes) colourant, this one is made using a clay called Red Art.
All of the interior walls in the house, with the exception of the bathrooms, have been plastered with the clay finish plaster detailed elsewhere on this site.
The plaster adheres beautifully to the drywall and gives the impression that all of the walls are actually strawbale.

The weird light area over the bench is light coming through the door behind me. Our dog Fresco is wondering what is going on through the door.

A view from the other direction. I'm holding the camera a little above my head, so it looks a little strange. We love those curves around the door.

This is the ensuite bathroom. This room was finished last because Linda has been too busy with other projects to make our sinks. Once she did, we got a new countertop and I installed the sinks, then we were done.

This shower is 4'x5'. The slate tiles are from South Africa. We bought them years and years ago with no real plan. They were on clearance at Home Depot for $2 each !!!

Here are the hand made sinks by Linda. They were MORE than worth the wait!

On to the master bedroom, although you can see it elsewhere on this site as it was the first room completed. This is the view just coming out of the ensuite bath.

Here is the opposite view.

Our other dog Sam was too lazy to get out of bed (or he really wanted his picture taken; not sure which.)

This is a view out of the master bedroom window in mid-February 2015. It was COLD that winter, but it was always snug and warm in the house.

Here is a view from the opposite corner of the master bedroom. You can see the sitting area with the love seat and the door out to the hallway and laundry room.

Here is the laundry room (such as it is). Essentially a glorified closet, but with the stacking appliances and some racks, it is all we need.

Now, here we are in the squash court... uh, I mean living room. It was too bright a day to get a decent picture of the view out the window, but there are about 25 acres of farm land and trees out there.

And the view from the opposite corner, over by the guest bedroom.

This is the guest bedroom. We bought a hardware kit from Lee Valley Tools for a Murphy Bed and Mark built it. That isn't a cabinet on the wall...

It is one of these...

Here is the view from the opposite corner.

And one looking towards the window.

This is our computer nook. The good thing is that it is close to the fridge and guest bath, and you can see the TV from that chair. Awesome!

On to the guest bath. Linda did all of the tiling (actually throughout the whole house).

And as with the ensuite bath, she hand made the sink in here.

And finally the kitchen. This is the view from just inside the front door.

And the view from just outside the guest bath.

Just around to the left from the guest bath is the dining area.

It is a long walk from the patio door at the end of the kitchen all the way across to the other side of the living room.

And the view looking back from the opposite side.

We hope you have enjoyed the tour of our fabulous strawbale house. It is a wonderfully warm, cozy, organic kind of place. We absolutely love it here.