Our Straw House


Why Straw Bale?

When we tell people we are building a Straw Bale house, the most common question we hear is A WHAT?  This question is quickly followed by WHY?  This is a good question! We have lots of reasons, but here are the 'big ones' (in no particular order):

Insulating with Straw is environmentally friendly
Straw is the left over stock after a grain crop has been harvested. Normally this is a waste material. Using it as a building material means less resources being used up producing energy-intensive products, such as fiberglass.

Straw is very energy efficient
Straw, when compressed into tight, dense bales provides much better insulation that convension products such as fiberglass. Some studies reported a Straw Bale wall provided an insulation of R-60. But most are lower. R-40 is probably more accurate.That is not to say you cannot build & insulate a more efficient house with fiberglass - but you would need a really thick layer!

Straw is a natural product
No need to wear masks when stacking bales. The biggest threat:  you might get a few scratches if you don't wear long sleeves

Straw Bales are DIY friendly
We will be able to do a lot of the work ourselves. Knowing how the house went together means that doing any maintenance and repairs down the road are greatly simplified. Also, 'sweat equity' is good for the soul!

Straw Bale houses are beautiful!
We love the rounded corners, the texture of the plastered walls - totally flat walls are highly over-rated. ;)