Our Straw House


Cedar Posts & I-Beam

An 8x8 cedar post is installed on each Techno Metal Post:

The cedar posts need temporary legs to keep them steady until the I-beam is installed:

A few days later, the I-beams were installed.  John & Chris Branje with Dave Drummond on the crane made this possible!

First thing done was to add some more support for the cedar posts using diagonal metal braces:

The crane - check out Dave's tagline!

Here comes the 3rd beam ...

It fits just perfectly!  Now we just need a bit of tuning and we're reading for lag screws.

We're ready for another metal brace, then the fourth I-beam:

Now John finishes up by welding the I-beams together ...

Look Ma, no legs!

Eventually the I-beams will be encased in cedar, and knee braces (also made by John Branje) will be added - here's our first trial fit: