Our Straw House


House Roofing

July 2008

Installing the metal roofing on the house was, believe it or not, easier than the garage.  Well, okay, easier per square foot - a whole lot of pieces were installed without cutting (I think there were two un-cut pieces on the garage) and we had a bit of experience to boot.  

We decided to install house wrap (Tyvek) under the steel this time - the metal roof manufacturer recommended it.  In the event of a sudden temperature drop, moisture could condense on the inside of the metal roofing.  The house wrap prevents that moisture from dripping on the insulation when it melts.

Also, Mark had the brilliant idea to build a ramp!  This made it a whole lot easier to get the pieces up.  First, load up the ramp that is supported by the mini-scaffold:

Next, climb up on the ladder.  We laid down the house wrap and taped the edges with Tuck tape.  Then hauled up the sheets and screwed them down one by one.  It goes really quickly when you don't have to cut each sheet!

We also took a different approach than the garage when cutting the sheets for the hips.  We used the grinder to cut the profile only:

Then we used electric snips to do the flat sections.  Why this combination?  The electric snips were easier to control, but couldn't handle the profiles.  The grinder could cut everything, but it was harder to get a straight edge, especially along the flat sections.

Here is our nice, curse-free straight edge:

Ta da!  We still need to trim the edges of the house wrap and install the perimeter foam.  But we now have shade ... ahhhhh.