Our Straw House


House Trusses

14 - 21 June 2008

Check out the stack of trusses!  More than 5 feet high.

This time we built the hip sections of the roof on the ground - much easier!

We had a fabulous team of volunteers come out and help us with the big trusses - they were amazing!  Everyone picked a job and the installation went really smoothly.  A special thanks to Rick, Chris, Frank, Phil, Jerry, John & Paige.  You guys rock!

Dave Drummond came out to help us with the lifting part again.  First, lift the hip:

Each of the other trusses installed one at a time - each was positioned, nailed and strapped as we went.  Sorry, no pics of this - both Mark & I were up on the roof attaching straps!

Now, do it all again on the other side:

All of the trusses installed!

Here it is a few days later, with all the strapping, fascia and the drip-edge installed: