Our Straw House



21 September - 1 October 2007

We have decided on metal roofing for both the garage and the house.  First the perimeter flashing was installed, then the cottage caps:

The roofing panels: we kept waiting for a still day, but every day was windy.  Finally we just installed them on windy days.  It was fine, except on the last day, it was a bit gusty and it was a bit of a struggle for Mark to carry them if the wind picked up at that moment.  But it all worked out fine despite that.
The first sheet was exactly the correct length.  All the others needed to be cut.  We did one with snips (below), but that took forever.  The grinder was used on all the others!

Here we are with all the panels installed - there is still some finishing to do: install the ridge vent, trim the caps, install the perimeter foam (to keep bugs out), and a few more fasteners.

The view from below ... and sunlight where the ridge vent will eventually be installed!