Our Straw House



2 - 8 September 2007

The garage is going to have a hip roof (just like the house will).  We started by lifting one of the girder trusses ... actually, Mark did most of the lifting, I helped stabilize it, turn it, centre it.  Then we used one of the hanger trusses along with two clamps to keep it in place until we could nail.

Then it was a piece of cake to get the other hanger trusses positioned and nailed.

On the other side of the garage ... repeat the process ...

For the remaining (aka bigger) trusses we needed a crane ... Dave Drummond came back to help us out.

Now that all the trusses are up, on to fascia and strapping.  Our friend John came out to lend a hand.  But it's my turn to play with the power tools!  ;)

We called it a day with half of the strapping on.  The rest was installed the next day (9 Sep).  BTW, that's Sammy on the left.